Put Equipment Financing to Work for You

Elite Capital Financing knows that equipment is necessary for just about every type of business and through our nationwide network of lenders offers flexible funding solutions to power up your enterprise. Equipment financing and leasing can be used to purchase everything from office supplies like laptops and software to heavy construction machinery.

Funding to Keep You Competitive

Equipment financing can keep you a great start in business and keep you competitive in your industry. If your business is just starting out, we have special options available to make your business plan a reality. With quick application approval and great interest rates, we can conect you with up to 84-month terms with little to no down payment requirement. Funding applications for amounts under $150,000 do not need to provide financial statements. In general, financing for $500,000 and more is available for high-level equipment needs.

Equipment Leasing Options

Equipment leasing programs allow you to sell your equipment and then lease it back. This enables you to unlock your equipment equity for use in other business projects while still retaining the use of the machinery. Once all of the scheduled lease payments are made, you fully own the equipment again. There are many ways that this type of equipment financing makes sense.

  • It increases working capital for your business
  • You enjoy fixed monthly payments
  • Your present lines of credit are not impacted
  • It gives you advantages in the area of accounting and taxes

Elite Capital Financing guarantees approval for lease financing for governmental entities from local to federal including:

• Public schools, local libraries, and municipal fire departments
• Federal agencies and armed forces
• State agencies and police departments

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Talk to us today about your equipment financing needs. Even individuals with less than perfect credit profiles can access needed financing. The professionals at Elite Capital Financing can structure a plan that will help you access capital to keep your business competitive.