Specialized Healthcare Financing for Your Practice

In today’s modern world, it is incredibly common for small businesses to need a bit of financing in order to succeed. This is also true of small healthcare practices. In fact, it may even be more important for healthcare providers because their community depends on them. If you run an independent practice, consider receiving healthcare financing to bolster your success. Through our network of lenders, Elite Capital Financing offers many different financing options so you can find a working capital plan that fits your needs and unique situation. Learn about how you can benefit from financing, by taking advantage of these options:

Practice acquisition – This kind of financing can help you purchase the initial real estate to get started, or possibly even a second branch. It can also help successful professionals buy out their partners.

Equipment leasing and leaseback – The equipment you use to treat patients is one of your most important resources, but repairs or replacements can be costly. With this option, you can purchase new equipment, or enter a leaseback program where ownership is transferred to you after payments are complete.

Debt consolidation – Instead of making many payments, combine them into one, lower monthly payment.
Turn to Elite Capital Financing to learn about healthcare financing to get the working capital you need to succeed.

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