The Benefits of Partnering With Elite Capital Financing

At Elite Capital Financing, we strive to have the best referral and broker program possible. Smaller brokerage firms can greatly benefit by partnering with us. If you ever receive a client which is simply too large for you to cover, you can refer them to us and we will treat them with the same level of respect as our own clients. This gives you the benefit of not having to turn them away, which saves your reputation, and you receive a large commission as well. They are your client, there is no reason you shouldn’t benefit from them. Other benefits of our referral program include:

  • Upfront fee disclosure
  • Compensation for loans of all sizes
  • Short time for payment after closure
  • Reciprocals for any future business with clients who return
  • Referral fees and commissions

Elite Capital Financing is a nationally recognized financing firm. We can provide loans for even the largest clients. It may be impossible for your small firm to complete large loans, but by partnering with us, you still enjoy all the benefits of a larger firm. Learn more about Elite Capital Financing’s referral and broker program.

Working With Elite Capital Financing

We also have open position at Elite Capital Financing. We are looking for talented, knowledgeable and charismatic financial experts to work with clients and explain complicated concepts to them. Our team always puts our clients first, so if you are passionate about helping people, you will fit right in. Elite Capital Financing stands out from other lending firms by working alongside clients to discuss and work out different financing options. No two situations are the same, so we feel a unique and personalized approach to taking out a loan is the best approach. Give us a call today to learn more about what open positions there are and what benefits you can enjoy by working at Elite Capital Financing.